The end of Bjork (hopefully)

Faced with a resounding lack of interest and over £350K short, screechy Icelandic hell-pixie Bjork was recently obliged to cancel a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding the development of a new Android and Windows 8 Biophilia album-app.

Tortured neighbors and long-suffering boyfriends the world over will breathe a sigh of relief upon learning of the defeat for the 90s proto-hipster idol, hoping that the humiliating experience will prompt her to spend the next few years in a nepalese mountain cabin, reflecting upon the nature of existence and basically doing anything except making music.

Her country of birth might have been thinking along similar lines when they recently gifted her a private island, purportedly in thanks for services to the nation. The more cynically-minded among us wonder however if this were not simply a ploy to keep the quirky squealer sealed away from sensible ears, at the same time providing Iceland with a future money-spinner in the form of a lucrative manic pixie dream girl pilgrimage destination. Let's just hope that crater has sound-proofing.